ICPA policy advocacy guide now available to read online!

Encouraged by our partners and many positive responses, we have made our policy advocacy manual available online in a more accessible, searchable and modular format. In fact, each online page represents a subsection of the original publication. In addition, we have tried to adapt the design features from the publication to the online environment in order to make it as accessible as possible. We would like to thank the Think Tank Fund, Open Society Foundations for supporting this initiative. Hope you enjoy!

Here's the link -

Commentary on "Making research evidence matter: a guide to policy advocacy in transition countries":

“this book is set to become an essential part of the advocates' toolkit.”

Professor Andrew Russell, Chair of Politics, University of Manchester, UK

"A very useful manual that allows policy researchers to situate their projects within a wider advocacy framework and to think about involving stakeholders from the start. Clear, concise, and to the point, this guide is great for newcomers to the policy research field and established experts alike."

Programme managers from German Council on Foreign Relations, TRAIN programme

"I'll use this over and over and over and over. And then share with others."

Workshop participant (Internews, Washington DC March 2013)

You can still download the advocacy guide in PDF for free here.


Policy perspectives and advocacy workshop for early childhood interventionists in Eastern Europe

ICPA trainers delivered policy advocacy and policy perspectives training in Sofia, Bulgaria in April 2014 for NGO partners of the Early Childhood Programme, Open Society Foundations. The NGO partners involved are mainly service delivery NGOs who provide Early Childhood Intervention services to families with disabled children across Eastern Europe. The aim of the training was to help participants to present their issue in policy terms and also to make plans to engage the policy making process and thereby, protect and promote their interests and values.

Participant feedback

“Considering the fact that my knowledge on advocacy and lobbying is very broad and rights oriented, the workshop was the perfect starting point for our work”

“I have done advocacy training before but this workshop was more focused, more structured and the tools provided are very practical, which I find very useful!”


Session on the framing of policy arguments for MENA internet activists

ICPA trainer, Lucian Ciolan, led a session on the (re)framing of advocacy arguments within a policy advocacy campaign, as part of Training Programme on Internet Governance and Policy in the Middle East and North Africa in Beirut, Lebanon, June 2014 hosted by the IGMENA Programme of Hivos. The training participants were Internet activists and researchers from across the region and the session was challenging and engaging for them. A selection of their tweets responding to the session:

“Policy ‪#advocacy takes time. Think big but start small, and be persistent in your work. - Lucian Ciolan from ‪@ICPAdvocacy ‪#IGMena

“This is a great resource. > A Guide to Policy ‪#Advocacy in Transition Countries by ‪@ICPAdvocacy ‪  ‪#IGMena

“You've achieved success in ‪#advocacy when decision-makers present your ideas as their own. - ‪@ICPAdvocacy ‪#IGMena

Process facilitation

Mentoring for civic media fellows in Bosnia and Herzegovina

ICPA trainer and mentor, Eóin Young, has provided training and mentoring on policy research design and policy paper writing over the last year for fellows on the Civic Media Fellowship programme of Internews, BiH. Working in close collaboration with mentors from Internews, the programme has provided fellows the opportunity to develop the quality and focus of their papers through multiple drafts and feedback rounds. The focus of the research group this year is on the regulation of online media space in BiH and the papers are due to be launched later in 2014. A new round of the fellowship will also begin this summer.